Japanese Arts and Antiques【English】

2020年10月28日 発売

定価 2,200円(税込)

「目の眼」初の英語書籍版が刊行。 世界からの関心が高まっているジャパニーズ・カルチャーのなかで、最も奥深いといわれる古美術の世界。その不思議な魅力あふれる世界を、今を牽引する日本人コレクターやディーラーへのインタビュー記事、古陶磁、茶の湯、…



In this English-language issue, we selected features from the past issues of monthly antique art magazine “ME NO ME (Japanese Edition), focusing on interviews and stories of Japanese contemporary artists (Sugimoto Hiroshi), art collectors, and art dealers that represent the current antique art scene of Japan. Furthermore, Japanese old pottery, flower arrangements (Ikebana), Japanese dishes, Netsuke, and variety of Japanese antique art works are introduced with beautiful photos.


Special Interview
Sugimoto Hiroshi –
Signs of divine presence behind Japanese Artistry


Collector’s File
Maezawa Yusaku
Souda Kansui
Sato Tatsumi


IKEBANA : Breathing life into an antique
Ikenobo Sen’ei, 45th Generation Ikenobo Headmaster
Ikenobo Senko, Ikenobo Headmaster Designate


Art Collector Vanguards : Past and Present of Antique Art
Toda Hiroshi, Tanimatsuya Toda
Inoue Shigeo, Kochukyo Co., Ltd.
Kawashima Tadashi, Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.
Yanagi Takashi, Oriental Fine Arts “Yanagi”
Tajima Mitsuru, London Gallery


Dressing up KOIMARI
Koimari ware in its formal attire.
Shoki Imari, Kakiemon and Nabeshima with fine cuisine to complement the wonderful examples of Koimari masterpieces.


SHIN ZEN BI – il restauratore
A special inside report on the art of antique ceramics restoration by Mayuyama Koji and Mayuyama Yu.


The mystical world of spirits and demons